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A few years ago, I reconnected with a friend who is the founder of a great organization here in Atlanta. Even though we don’t see watch other a lot, I am able to keep up with him (as most of us do) through social media.

One of things that I see him doing as much as anything is caring for his team. His company is spread out across the country, and he spends a lot of his time visiting everyone. Whether it’s at his main office in Atlanta, or their multiple offices across the country, care is something you see from his culture every day; they really seem to care for one another.

They model this in how they treat people who visit as well. When I visited the main office for the first time, I had my own entrance music, confetti, and every employee greeted me at the entrance. I’m not even a customer, and they all cared enough about me to make me feel like a big deal.

That, my friends, is great teamwork.

Great teams show that they care. What does care look like beyond showing up in someone’s life or showing empathy for them? I believe the following words best encapsulate what a team who C.A.R.E.’s look like:

Great teams show Confidence in one another. Howard Shultz has said, “At its core, I believe leadership is about instilling confidence in others.” One of the greatest gifts we can give our team members is to show that we have confidence in them. We can all remember the confidence we gained when someone believed in us for the first time. The greatest teams believe in one another.

Great teams Appreciate one another. If you want to build a team that cares, then you have to build a team that appreciates everyone’s ability to contribute. Everyone may contribute to a team in a different way, with different skills and approaches. Teams that care, appreciate the special ways their teammates contribute. They don’t try and change them, or wish the team member did it their way. Appreciate who each team member is and where they are.

Great teams take the time to Recognize each other. “Successful people use their strength by recognizing, developing, and utilizing the talents of others,” said Zig Ziglar. Recognition does not always have to be about rewards, though those are fun too. Recognition can also be about awareness and being aware of other’s contributions, their value, and their role in the organization’s missional success. 

Great teams learn how to Empower each other. Successful teams build their culture on the ability for everyone to empower one another. John Maxwell has said, “Great leaders become great, not because of their power but because of their ability to empower others.”America was founded and built on great leaders empowering others to lead. A team that cares is a team that looks to download power to each other, believing in each other and helping each other succeed.

Teamwork is about caring, if we don’t care then we don’t win.

  1. How do you care for your teammates?
  2. What can you do today to show that you care?

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