Hurry Up and Wait

May 22, 2020 — Leave a comment

Hurry up and Wit


“I’m ready.” If you are like me these are two words, spoken quite frequently over the last few weeks. We continue to find ourselves in interesting times, waiting so often for the next report, update and decision about a return to “normal”. I think we can all agree “normal” will forever be different moving forward. As for now, we just seem to be waiting, and impatiently in most cases. We wait for word on schools, going back to work, when church will gather again, going to the movies, back to the gym, watch a sporting event live. As we wait, we want answers now, it is the life of hurry up and wait.

I’ve asked God what’s he up to. It seems we are seeing so many struggles and yet God, for many stays silent. I wonder, if the visual inactivity from God is actually his silence? I believe God is up to something great, inside us and outside in the world. We have to look no further than scripture to prove this is God’s “m.o.”. Jesus says as much in John 5:17; “My father is always at work.” Max Lucado has a great quote; “While we are waiting, God is working.”

Let’s look at the story of Joseph. Joseph, betrayed by so many, finds himself, unjustly so, in prison. He finally catches a break, so he thinks, as Pharaoh’s cupbearer is about to be released. Joseph pleads with him to let Pharaoh know about Joseph and his situation; the cupbearer agrees to do so. However, it never happens, Joseph is betrayed again. God loved Joseph and knew Joseph was innocent God moved and answered Josephs prayer…. 2 years later!! Joseph had to wait two years for relief. Relief from something that was not his fault. But God worked on Pharaoh’s heart over those 2 years so Joseph’s impact and story would have a greater impact. While we wait, God works.

Nehemiah saw his people and his city in ruins. He was worried and knew something had to be done and he needed to do it. He prayed for God to give him favor with the king now, time was of the essence. God loved Nehemiah and considered him a spiritual giant, so he answered his prayer… 4 months later!! While we wait, God works.

Moses and the Israelites escaped Egypt; God had delivered them. But they faced an obstacle, the Red Sea in front and Pharaoh’s men behind. They were dismayed. “Why has God done this to us? We must go back”. God spoke through Moses; “Do not be afraid, stand still and the Lord will fight for you and give you peace.” God’s provision required their stillness. While we wait, God works.

Max Lucado writes; “Joseph’s jail time didn’t devastate his faith, it deepened it.” This is the heart of Psalm 46:10, “Be Still and know I am God.” It’s the promise of Isiah 40:31, “Those who wait on the Lord renew their strength, they soar and don’t grow weary or tired.” This is not a time of inactivity; it can be a time of strength and focus.

I’m ready to regain some of the things I’ve been missing, the things robbed from me during this break. But I want to be careful that my impatience doesn’t stand in the way of what God is doing in me to prepare me for what he will do through me. So, I’ll hurry up and wait, because as I wait, God is working.

Lead Well and Be Encouraged!



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