About Greg


Dr. Greg Steely is an Organizational Leadership Strategist, whose love of leadership flows into ministry from corporate to personal life. He received his Doctorate in Strategic Leadership from Regent University. Greg currently serves as the Executive Director of Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Atlanta Georgia, and loves life with his wife Monica, two kids and a semi-annoying dog his family won’t let him give away.

Greg is a sought after speaker, life coach, consultant and innovator who has trained and spoken on leadership around the world. He brings an authentic, knowledgable and a refreshing humor to his leadership.

Greg’s life mission is a desire to encourage and equip people and organizations to pursue their ultimate dream of success. He brings over 15 years of leadership experience to all ages and types of organizations.

Greg is the author of the training material, A New Way: Saving Your Organization One Strategy at a Time. To have Greg work with your team, coach your leaders or speak at your next event you can contact him directly at booking@gregsteely.com

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    Thanks brother!! You are the man! Hope all is well.

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